Make a Natural Rainbow

3 Day Detailed Make a Natural Rainbow Course

All materials will be provided and you will leave with at least 15 x mini skeins of British wool dyed with local colour as well as handouts on how to repeat the process at home.

The Community Café will be open for refreshments

Over three weeks we will cover in depth the process of achieving a rainbow of colours from natural dyes. In this active and hands on series of classes you will discover  alchemy and age old techniques which have stood the test of time.  You will use fresh and dried plant material, roots, insects, bark, fruit,….and learn the best ways of extracting colour from each type of dyestuff

Week 1 we will create the base colours and mordant options – Yellows and beiges from fresh plants.

Week 2 will discover how to make reds, pinks and oranges from madder root, cochineal and modifiers.

Week 3 is Indigo magic and overdying techniques – completing the colour wheel with blues and greens.