Childrens workshops

Forage, Dye and make a Leaf baby

Children’s Natural Dyeing workshop 4 hours including a lunch break

Based in the craft room at the Riverhouse Barn Arts centre . Parents welcome to join. We will go into the park next to the Art Centre and pick leaves and flowers to use to make dye. back at the Art Centre we will ‘cook’ the flowers and leaves to make dye. After we have made the coloured dyes we will dye felt and then cut and hand sew to make make a leaf or pea pod baby from our naturally dyed fabric.

Please bring your own snacks, drinks and lunch. The Riverhouse Café will be open.  Wear wellies or shoes that can get muddy on the towpath and bring an apron or wear clothes that you can get dye on.

Leaf Baby

Eco-printing workshop for children

In this workshop each child will make a beautiful flower and leaf printed fabric panel using the flowers and leaves that they choose.
Eco Printing is the process whereby the colour from flowers is extracted by placing flowers onto fabric and steaming to set the colour into the fabric. This is a magical process which produces quick results that are unique and a surprise.
The children will each choose the flowers that they want to use, place them on the fabric in the pattern/design they want. Then we will tightly roll up the fabric and secure it in a roll with string.
The bundles will then be steamed to set the colours  – each child will unravel their roll and remove the flowers et voila! Please provide a snack and drink for your child ( the community café is open )  If you want to bring flowers from your own garden please do.