20 Colours from 1 Dyepot workshop

One Pot, 20 colours – more from Madder

An in depth 2 day course.

On this course we will discover how using different natural mordents and colour modifiers we can make at least 20 different colours from one Dye Pot of Madder root dye. After this course you will be able to make the most of every natural dye bath you prepare, to achieve a variety of predictable colours.

On the first day we will prepare the yarn, using local plants and mordents. Making mordent baths and understanding the different techniques and chemistry involved.

The second day involves the preparation and skills of madder dyeing, the application of modifiers and the creation of your own logbook. Each participant will leave with a logbook of the processes used and 20  individual mini skeins of yarn, enough for your own project.

Please bring your own gloves, aprons and refreshments. Lunch, tea, coffee etc is available from the Community café on site.